Details Of Hajj Package 2009
Total Cost was 2,25000 including
1 Fee of Hajj Passport (Govt Of Pakistan)
2 Vaccination & Services Charges (Govt Of Pakistan)
3 Fee Of Saudi Mual'lim ,Transport + Tent Rent for Minna and Arrafat
4 Fare of Return Ticket (Saudi Airline or PIA) Karachi To Jeddah / Jeddah To Karachi
5 Residence in Makkah Mozamma                                                     (Aprox: 700 to 900 meter from Haram Shareef)
6 Madina Munnawara                                                                        (Aprox: 500 to 700 meter from Haram Shareef)
7 Sacrifice is not includded
8 Visits of Holy Places (Makkah Mukarmma & Madina Munawara)
9 Duration of stay at Hijaj Muqada is 40 to 44 days
10 The schedule of Dates will be issued by Goverment of Pakistan,whatever the schedule will be Hijaj Karam ride by it.


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